Tuesday vibes: Research!

My weekly vibes are a little different this week, since I thought it would be fun to share a moodboard I made recently while branding my new project, which I’m also announcing here: Ashley Warren Research!

I’ve wanted to start my own research biz for YEARS, and the pieces were starting to fall together, so it made sense to launch it. I’m offering research services to writers, academics, marketers, businesses, and individuals. I even have my first e-course, Genealogy 101, launching soon!

While designing my website and logo, I wanted to create an aesthetic that felt academic but also fresh and modern. These images indirectly inspired my logo and website, which I’m sure will evolve over time.

Have a great week!

Monday vibes: Monochromatic

It’s finally cooling down enough to wear all-black outfits, which is my standard go-to preference for clothing. While this preference stems mostly from my former goth-kid tendencies, I actually think black is a clean, modern color (absence of?) that lets other things take the spotlight, which is why I enjoy all-black interior design or fashion. That’s about the extent of reasoning behind today’s Monday Vibes. I am so happy the heat is going away for a while. Have a great week!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I have to confess that I’m a huge fan of genre mashups, so when the book version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies first came out, I was like, “YES!” Although I went to college and grad school for literary/library-related things, I’m not a literature or language purist whatsoever, so I appreciate fun reimaginings of beloved stories. (My favorite is Android Karenina.)

I was really excited that a movie version of P&P&Z came out earlier this year, but I’m often terrible about seeing movies I want to see in theaters. On our trip last week, Andrew and I watched Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesΒ on the airplane and I. LOVED. IT. I’ve seen a lot of people write off this movie because of its ridiculous premise, but I actually think the movie is quite artful, beautiful and funny. I’m a big fan of pretty much all P&P adaptations (although, honestly, I never quite understood the Darcy appeal…) and this one is right up there with the best. Plus, Lily James is gorgeous, as always.


Lily James;Bella Heathcote

Truthfully, this movie is essentially my perfect aesthetic. Lush,Β romantic historical fiction, andΒ sci-fi and badass women (I am a dedicated collector of pocket knives and swords). I love any story that gets to play with those tropes.

Plus, Lena Headey is in this movie, with an EYE PATCH:

Lena Headey